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Everyone has a Story about something unique, lets Share it … Join our Mission to Erase the Scratches that creates boundaries between Humanity. We all are One so lets be One and start a Super Revolution to make a New World – ‘One Earth One Nation’

Kishore Sharma – Founder Globebook

Let me begin with my Story…

I remember when I was a small Kid my parents use to give me a pseudo slap to make my little bro laugh when he was crying, I did not understood the reason for his happiness but he enjoyed every slap on my face. I was always confused with a question in my mind – Why we need to offend one to make another Happy? Then with Time we grew up and resolved all the offensives between us and became best pals. Life began and I was forced to learn the unwilling lessons of life to race, compete and be different from all, which again added to my confusion to understand the World and the question is still unanswered.

We are Humans and Humanity is our Inherent Nature, Though we all are same with One Head, Two Eyes, Two hands, Two legs and so on….( Remember the ‘My Self’ Essay we all must have written in kindergarten class ) we are still racing against each other to prove the difference, WHY? Don’t you think this divisions have messed up a little too much and we need to restore the essence of the world? When I love my Mother how can I hate yours? How can I feel Happy and great, hurting someone’s sentiments?

I am a Global Citizen of the ‘Nation Earth’ and I feels so great about it, rising above all Caste, Creed, Races, Religions and domiciles. Join me in my super revolution to erase the scratches of the Earth and make the new World of Love, Respect and Peace for all – One Earth One Nation.

Let’s prove this question null and void – Why we need to offend one to make another Happy?

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